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“After 33 years in practice I have used every topical cream including other CBD ointments. None have come close to having the benefits that this one has. My patients love it and find lasting relief!” – Dr. Donna Brown

Axil Wellness was created to share some of the amazing benefits of Cannabis, and their products are now available at Incentives. These products can help with pain and inflammation, and use only high quality, non-psychoactive and legal (less than .3% THC) CBD-rich Hemp Oil along with FDA-approved active ingredients for maximum pain and inflammation relief. Read on for additional enthusiastic testimonials.

“For those of you out there who suffer with menopause (you know who you are) and are having trouble sleeping, look no further. Axil Wellness’ CBD-rich hemp oil will help you sleep so much better and wake up refreshed. I’m so happy I started using it!” – Shari S.

“Skeptical at first but also desperate to find some treatment other than drugs for my arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome, I tried Axil Wellness CBD-rich hemp oil. By the second night the pain was gone! I highly recommend this product to all those with nerve pain of any kind. Yes, let’s call it the “miracle non-drug!” – Alice C.

“Love, love, love the MyoSoothe, not only does it help with muscle pain but it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve found that actually reduces the swelling when my neck muscles go into spasm. A little goes a long way…it really is a life-saver for me.” – Micheline C.