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Summer-proof Your Hair…

With Magic Sleek at Incentives

Hair Straightening FINALLY Goes Truly Formaldehyde Free!

At Incentives, we are constantly in search of the finest, safest organic beauty products. We’re generally very successful. But one product has eluded us: hair straighteners. They’ve become a hair salon holy grail of sorts, seemingly found but then turning out to be illusory. The reason? They either contain formaldehyde or some other similarly nasty chemical or they don’t…in which case they also don’t work. So you either tolerated some level of fumes and chemicals or you lived with your frizzy, curly hair. But now, we can finally say it: our search has ended! Magic Sleek is truly that – magic. It straightens like a dream, works for up to 6 months (!) and has absolutely, positively no formaldehyde. Just in time for summer!

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