Expanded Therapeutic Services

Expanded Therapeutic Services

More Treatment Options and Hours Than Ever!

More Ways to Feel Better In 2022

When Dr. Donna Brown founded Incentives Organic Spa and Salon, she had a unique vision for a business that went well beyond traditional spa services to include holistic healing therapies. Dr. Brown herself was the primary provider of holistic care, bring to bear her 35 years of experience in chiropractic and integrative nutritional counseling. She has worked with literally thousands of patients over the years to alleviate their pain and improve their quality of life. It has been and remains her mission, inspiration, and the foundation upon which Incentives was built.

We remain as committed as ever to Dr. Brown’s vision of providing the finest healing sciences to the community. The expansion of our menu of therapeutic services that began under Dr. Brown’s guidance with the introduction of Trigger Point Therapy (today provided by Ellie Miller, PA) and Acupuncture (with Acupuncturist Maria Hogan LAc, LMT) continues through partnerships with Chiropractor Dr. Robert Crimi DC. We urge anyone whose goal is to feel better in 2022 to click a link to learn more about these therapies and the inspired men and women who practice them.

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Dr. Donna Brown

Dr. Donna Brown, DC
Contact Dr. Brown at 631-294-6300. Patients wishing to complete a patient registration form online prior to seeing Dr. Brown can click here.


Dr. Robert Crimi

Dr. Robert Crimi, DC.
Dr. Crimi is scheduled to begin seeing patients beginning Saturday, February 6th.
Contact Dr. Crimi at 516-582-1715.

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Ellie Miller, PA
Ellie Miller is a Physician Assistant with 30+ years of clinical experience with emphasis in Cardiology, Critical Care and Pain Management.

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Maria Hogan

Maria Hogan, LAc, LMT.