Join Us May 5th & 6th

For A Glo2Facial Kick-off Party

Introducing Bubbles For Your Troubles!

We’re super-excited to announce the roll-out of a new facial protocol at Incentives – Glo2Facial by Geneo.Glo2Facial is a breakthrough treatment that unlocks the body’s natural superpowers: Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles, Amplify with LUX via our lite ultrasound experience, and Detox via lymphatic massage. This May, see why this is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin… and your life.

Learn all about Glo2Facial and experience it for yourself at our Bubblefest ’23 kick-off party!

May 5th and May 6th • 9:00a to 10:30aWHERE: The CafeDEMO: Our Estheticians will demonstrate the Glo2Facial technologyENTER Our Raffle to win a Free Glo2FaicalENJOY Complimentary snacks and some of the other bubbles…champagne!BOOK: The first 20 Glo2Facial service bookers will save $25(appointment must be made before May 20th)

Click the button, below, to learn more about Glo2Facial at Incentives.