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Assisted Stretch Therapy is an integral part of the full trifecta of fitness: cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility. This Stretch Therapy is a form of assisted stretching used to improve joint range of motion and physical performance, and it demonstrates that it’s not enough to simply stretch, it turns out how you stretch really matters! Certified Stretch Therapist Michael Illicete provides a guided approach to ensure that all stretches to any body part are effective and safe.

Half Hour – $50 (regularly $59)
Hour – $90 (regularly $99)

The benefits of Stretch Therapy include:

• Injury prevention,
• Improved posture
• Increased limb range-of-motion
• Inflammation reduction
• Stress reduction
• Increase to the speed at which muscles recover from usage
• Bonus: Assisted Static PNF stretching is enjoyable and feels great!

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60-Minute Stretch Therapy Session

30-Minute Stretch Therapy Session