Stretch Therapy

With Certified Stretch Practitioner Michael Illicete

Stretch Therapy
Do I Really Need To Bother Stretching?

Is regular stretching really as essential as some say? – YES and YES! Mobility and flexibility are so crucial to any physical activity. This goes for activities that run the gamut from the peak physicality of elite athletes to the day-to-day activities of regular people wanting to perform and feel their best. Assisted Stretch Therapy is one of the most beneficial stretching disciplines and is now offered right here at Incentives! Assisted stretches are performed under the guidance of our professionally-trained and certified stretch therapist Michael Illecete. Michael offers a guided approach to ensure that all stretches to any body part are effective and safe. The focus is on alternating the relaxation and contraction of paired muscle groups—agonist muscles (those that contract while another relaxes) and antagonist muscles (those that oppose the action of another muscle).

The benefits of Assisted Stretch Therapy are many and include but are not limited to: injury prevention, improved posture, increased limb range-of-motion (which naturally decreases over time unless we actively do something to off-set that decrease), inflammation reduction, stress reduction, and an increase to the speed at which muscles recover from usage. A bonus: Assisted Stretch Therapy is enjoyable and feels great! At Incentives we offer both 60 minute (ideal for first timers and those looking for a complete, full body stretch) and 30 minute sessions (for those on a tight schedule or just seeking help with a specific area or injury).

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