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Nail Salon

Get off the Nail Salon Assembly Line…
Experience the luxury of a Spa Manicure and Pedicure at Incentives! We feature Zoya formaldehyde-free professional nail lacquers and chemical free scrubs and lotions, as well as long-lasting Gel Polishes by Harmony. All in the cleanest, safest, peaceful private room — one client at a time — where you can relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Services Include…

Incentives Manicure

Luxurious treatment for your hands that includes nail and cuticle treatment, hand and arm massage, and your choice of over 100 Zoya polish colors.

Gel Polish Manicure

The manicure that leaves you with beautiful nails lasting two weeks longer than traditional polishes. Over 40 colors to choose from.

Princess Nail Treatment

A fun treat for girls under 12 years old. Includes nail shaping, polish and nail art.

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Classic Pedicure

The perfect treatment for overworked feet, complete with nail shaping, terracotta pumice stone treatment to soften and smooth dry calloused feet, foot and calf massage, and your choice from over 100 Zoya polishes.

Spa Pedicure

For those who really want to pamper their feet and legs! Like the classic pedicure, it starts with nail shaping and callous removal not only using the pumice but with the added power of our callus-eliminating serum. Legs and feet are then massaged, first with a sugar scrub, then by the application of a moisturizing mask, and finally with a relaxing foot and calf massage. Top it all off with your choice from over 100 Zoya polish colors.

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