Custom Recovery Treatment

Three Modalities, One Effective Treatment


Acupuncture + Massage +  Cupping = Amazing!


Muscle soreness, fatigue, and injury can occur from a variety of causes. Most commonly, it occurs as a by-product of intense exercise or an accident. But it can also develop in response to the physical stresses of everyday life. Household chores and projects. The physical demands of the workplace. A long bike ride. Shoveling snow. Even playing with the grandkids.


But injuries and sore, overworked muscles don’t have to slow you down for long, thanks to our Custom Recovery Treatment, developed by Maria Hogan. Ultimate Custom Recovery Treatments combine three treatment modalities: Massage, Acupuncture, and Cupping. Together, they provide the ultimate in relief and recovery from muscle soreness and overuse. Protect and preserve your active lifestyle with Ultimate Custom Recovery Treatments. Your muscles will thank you!


Maria Hogan will tailor your one-hour Custom Recovery Treatment to address your specific issues using a combination of the three modalities.



Acupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation, promote circulation, improve energy levels and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.



Massage targets your problem areas to work out trigger points and flush toxins to help you recover from muscle pain and stress — both situational and chronic. Massage plays a critical role in helping you stay active and “in the game.”



Cupping helps increase blood flow to particular muscle regions and reduces pain and soreness in muscles. Cupping is recommended for athletes or anyone experiencing specific, acute, targeted muscle pain.


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