Health Coaching

Health Coach
When it comes to your health, are you on the right track?


Will you stay there if you are? Can you get back on it if you’re not? Are you eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, and recreating in the right way, in the right balance, to keep yourself healthy, long term? Have you developed habits that over time will slowly erode your health and happiness? Will you live a long, vibrant, healthy life, or will you face a life pockmarked by illness, surgeries, and medications that may keep you alive, maybe even for many years, but will slowly sap your life of its vigor and enjoyment?


Even if you’re healthy right now, it’s very hard to know if you’re on the right track. And if you’re struggling with illness, injury or a genetic deficit, it’s even harder to get on the right track and stay there. That’s where a Health Coach can help.


In addition to her degree in Chiropractic, Dr. Brown is a Health Coach with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the area of nutritional therapy and integrative health care. As your health coach, she will personally guide you on a journey to better health. Long-term, sustainable health.

Health Coaching


What Is It?

A program designed for you to partner with Dr. Brown on a journey to improve your overall health and/or overcome a specific health issue.


How Does It Work?

The Health Coaching program begins with an hour-long initial assessment which will include a comprehensive review of your nutritional, medical, exercise, and lifestyle history.  Based on an evaluation of this information, along with any relevant blood work or lab results, Dr. Brown will make a series of recommendations to help you overcome any health issues you may be dealing with and get you back on track toward optimal health. Dr. Brown can work with both individuals as well as small groups (typically spouses or family members).


How Can It Benefit Me?

Many common chronic conditions, such as elevated cholesterol or glucose, diabetes or pre-diabetes, digestive problems including IBS or acid reflux, hormonal issues, breast or prostate health worries, even simply feeling run down and tired all the time are a result of correctable nutritional, environmental and physical issues. Your Health Coach can effectively treat these and many other health issues, often reducing and even eliminating your need for prescription medications. Health Coaching empowers you to take charge of your health by providing you with cutting-edge information and tools that will help get your health back on track and keep it there.


What Does It Include?

Health Coaching provides individualized and personalized care for a period of 6 months, consisting of an initial one-hour consultation followed by 4 half-hour follow-up consultations.  In addition, Dr. Brown will follow up with you via email and phone as needed.


How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost for all in-person consultations, as well as phone and email follow-up support is $600.  This can be paid in full or in two monthly installments of $300 each.


How Do I Get Started?

It’s Simple! Call today to schedule your initial consultation!