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Allergies? Sinus Congestion?

Don’t Let Them Win…

Fight Back Against Sinus Symptoms – Naturally!

The bad news: seasonal issues of different varieties affect over 50 million people’s sinus and respiratory health each year. The good news?  Incentives offers a variety of solutions that will help you fight back – NATURALLY! Here are four options to help you win the sinus battle:

Option 1: Try one of our most popular supplements this time of year – Garden of Life Immune Balance Sinus.  This formula provides dynamic, broad-spectrum support for sinus and respiratory health and wellness

“An excellent supplement formulation that combines powerful immune enhancers with enzymes specifically designed to decrease inflammation and pressure in the sinus.”
— Dr. Donna Brown

Option 2:  Sinus Relief Massage is a relaxing and natural way to relieve congestion and sinus pressure. This 30-minute treatment provides massage and acupressure to the face, scalp, neck and shoulders and can help gently promote sinus drainage.

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Option 3:  Explore our line of Young Living Essential Oils and their power to provide relief for the most annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies. Many essential oils that can help with allergies.  Why not start with one of the most versatile essential oils of all—Lavender.   Not only can Lavender oil help alleviate allergy symptoms, it can give you energy, help you sleep, and so much more.
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Option 4: Schedule an appointment with Dr. Donna Brown for a sinus treatment.  You won’t regret it!

“Dr. Donna Brown has been taking care of my sinuses for the past 3 years. I cannot recommend it enough. As I battle through seasonal allergies her treatment offers me instant relief. The next time you feel that horrible nagging sinus headache make an appointment you will be amazed at the results!”
– Kelly Wallace

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