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Committed to Organic

It’s right there in our name—Incentives Organic Spa and Salon. That’s how strongly we feel about our commitment to offering our customers organic and natural options. And Incentives isn’t new to the party…we didn’t just recently hop on the organic bandwagon now that it’s “fashionable.” We’ve been truly committed to organic since we opened our doors nearly 10 years ago.

Incentives was founded in 2006 by Dr. Donna Brown. Her vision was to provide a place where beauty and health could peacefully co-exist. Her studies had led her to conclude that far too many spa and salon services used chemical additives that were potentially harmful to both clients and estheticians.

After extensive research, Dr. Brown identified the finest natural, organic alternatives and brought them to the spa and salon. Incentives has remained committed to this philosophy, and Dr. Brown’s expertise and ongoing guidance has allowed us to continue to improve and expand our natural and organic offerings.

So exactly what are we committed to? Here are some examples:

Hair Care

In our Hair Salon – we offer organic single-process color and highlights with a large selection of colors by Organic Colour System.

We also offer the first 100% formaldehyde-free hair straightening formula (that actually works) from Magic Sleek.

Nail Care

In our Nail Salon  we feature Zoya formaldehyde-free professional nail lacquers and chemical free scrubs and lotions.


We offer organic gels, creams and lotions by Bon Vital for all our massages.


We use Eminence Organics products for all of our traditional facial services.


On our shelves, you’ll find the finest organic products by 100% Pure, Eminence Organics, as well as the finest whole-food sourced organic nutritional supplements, hand picked by Dr. Brown

So if you are as committed to organic as we are, stop in or call, and learn more about what makes Incentives Organic Spa and Salon so unique!

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