Hair Trends For 2018

Hair Trends For 2018

Bangs, Bobs, Pixies, Shags, and Gray…Yes, Gray!

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New Year – New You!

For many the new year is an opportunity for renewal and resolutions. While at Incentives we can’t necessarily help you with your resolution to lose the holiday weight (that’s a job for our sister company—Fitness Incentive), we can inspire a new look for you and your hair! So what’s new for the New Year? Here are a few of the latest hair trends for 2018. Call, stop in or click the button to book your appointment and let us help you welcome in the new year with a new you!

Bangs For Your Bucks

Boyish Bangs are storming the fashion show runways in faux-cuts and choppy bangs that had a decidedly boyish quality to them.
Wavy Bangs will pair with your long, natural hair texture in messy, choppy fringes.
Low Maintenance Bangs are in full-force due to their low maintenance styling and cool-girl feel. We’re seeing many bangs that aren’t full fringe or blunt, but instead go a little more wispy or part in the center. It’s going to make having bangs a less stressful affair!


Curly Shags can be seen on a number of celebs and models, like Alison Brie and Alanna Arrington. They’re rocking ‘80s shags with full body and texture.
New Shags came into their own throughout 2017, and aren’t slowing down for the new year. They embrace the natural texture and easy styling while adding a much-needed mid-length cut to the mix.
Blunt Shags are all about texture and, unlike the New Shag, hit a little higher up near the chin. With or without bangs, this style is perfect for the bob-lovers who want to try something new and cool.


No-Fuss Bobs feature a minimalist style that lets you wash and go. It stays away from too many layers, and it works super well for fine hair. For a modernist spin, go with a middle part; but a classic side part makes it look simple and easy.
Long Pixies can be tousled with texture if you have wavy or curly hair, or used to create a sleek, refined look if you have straight hair. Keep the front section of bangs swept to the side for a flattering frame.
Volumized Pixies go a little bolder than the long pixie. They welcome volume and texture more than your usual simple pixie, and work amazingly with curly hair.
Long Bobs work with straight or wavy, so you’ve got styling options. The fact that the cut flatters every face shape, along with a number of hair textures, is exactly why it’s still so popular.

Silver Foxes

The thought of going gray is no longer something that freaks people out. Instead, many are dyeing their hair gray before it naturally turns that silvery shade. Over the past few years, the gray hair trend has been slowly yet surely picking up steam on the runway, Instagram, and among celebrities. Both dyed and natural, gray hair is more popular than ever before.

The salon professionals at Incentives Salon are standing by to help liberate the new you for the new year. Call or click the button to book your appointment online. Happy New You from Incentives!

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