Maskne (Mask Acne) Is A Real Thing…

…And We Have The Treatment!


Have You Noticed…

…an increase in blemishes, irritation, and pimples on your face and neck lately? You may be dealing with a breakout of “Maskne.” Maskne occurs because masks and coverings can lead to the blockage of pores with sweat, makeup, and oils. Masks and coverings can also irritate the skin through rubbing and abrasion, and by trapping humidity and moisture from your breath that can allow bacteria to fester more readily.

But don’t worry!

Incentives has got you “covered” with maskne treatment options including probiotic moisturizers, serums, and cleansing pads from two of our favorite producers: Eminence Organics and Image Skincare.
Our featured maskne treatment option is the Eminence Acne Advanced Treatment System, which combines cleansing foam, a clarifying masque, and a clarifying hydrator bundled together for a savings of 20%.

Maskne treatment options can be purchased in-store and are also available for curbside pick-up and home delivery.
So even if we can’t say goodbye to masks anytime soon, we can say goodbye to maskne!