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An “Age” Old Question…

How Can I Prevent Visible Signs Of Aging?

Micro-needling has recently been introduced at Incentives and joins a long list of available options for those of us that are looking to address their aging skin. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive Facial Rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. The principle of it is to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. It triggers the body’s natural wound healing response within the skin, producing and depositing new collagen to the treatment area. Micro Needling is most effectively used for:

  • Reducing scars caused by acne, surgery, or thermal burns.
  • Fading stretch marks.
  • Reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles.
  • Reducing hyper-pigmentation.
  • Tightening and hydrating sagging skin.

Depending on the area treated, an improvement in the skin’s appearance is noticeable after the very first treatment! Acne scars are less obvious. Age spots and fine lines are greatly diminished. The skin is softer, smoother and younger-looking. It has a fresh pink glow. Improvements continue with each successive treatment as it triggers the production and deposition of new collagen that progressively fills in depressed scars, lines and wrinkles from the bottom up, lifting the depression so they are level with the surrounding skin. This filling process can continue for up to 12 months after a treatment has been performed. This treatment improves your skin by increasing the production of collagen, facilitating natural repair and growth and making the skin stronger and thicker. Just look at some of the before and after photos:



For a limited time, $100 off your first Micro-needling with Stem Cell treatment!

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