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Top 7 Reasons…

You Need A Hair Makeover!

Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and is the perfect time for a HAIR MAKEOVER! Whether you’re celebrating with a group of friends or alone with that special someone, it’s the perfect time to show off a fresh, romantic and flirty look! And be sure to scroll down and check out our photo gallery and see for yourself. Our clients look fresh, beautiful and Valentine’s Day ready!

  1. Dry, Parched Ends
    The outside cold winter air combined with high heats inside our homes robs our hair of moisture causing dry, damaged split ends. The cure? Use a moisturizing shampoo, such as Moroccan Oil, and get a fun new haircut!
  2. You’ve Had the Same Hairstyle Since High School
    Although high school and college can mark many great moments, hair styles usually aren’t one of them. The good news: An even better, more exciting hair moment may be waiting for you.
  3. You’ve Never Colored Your Hair
    Natural color can be beautiful, but as you age; color can become flat and dull. If you’ve avoided playing with hair color, this might be the time to try even a semi-permanent option that washes out after a few shampoos.
  4. Shapeless Length
    We’ve all been in the growing-it-out phase, where we skip cuts for months due to some PTSD from an overly scissor-happy stylist. But, even though you may have length, eventually a grown-out style will look a bit shapeless and lackluster. You can always add more texture to your hair style by adjusting the angles and how it frames the face.
  5. You’re Known for Your Ponytail
    Does your everyday hair style look the same as your gym look? While we all love a good ponytail it’s not a signature style for which you should be known. It’s usually the hairstyle version of comfortable sweatpants or a house bra — awesome and comfortable, but not for every day.
  6. You Always Look Tired
    If you always look tired no matter how much sleep you get and how much makeup you wear, that’s a clear sign that you need the magic that only a good hair color can give you. When the weather changes and your summer tan starts to fade, you need to adapt your color.
  7. You Don’t Look Modern
    We love vintage everything, but if your haircut and style could be considered textbook “retro,” perhaps it’s time to step into the present day.

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