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100% Chemical-Free — From Farm To Chair!

Incentives Salon is proud to offer our clients organic hair color and lightening treatments by OWAY Simply Organic. They’re the first color line in the professional beauty industry to use ‘Farm to Chair’ ingredients grown on their 100% chemical-free farms in Bologna, Italy. They are an eco-friendly line that delivers exceptional results while being gentle to the hair and the environment!

Oway (Organic Way) is the world’s first professional organic hair color to take a holistic approach to hair, health and the delicate world around us. Their formulas have won them best professional ammonia-free hair color two years in a row (2015 and 2016)!

Oway is on a mission to change salons for the better by providing safer, more natural, and organic products that perform to the highest professional standards, which is why Incentives Salon stands behind their brand. They offer products that give you a more pleasant salon experience, gorgeous longer lasting results, and healthier hair. No client should be exposed to unnecessary chemicals, and no stylist should have to work with them!

Benefits of using Oway Simply Organic color include:

• 95 rich and luxurious shades
• No harsh fumes
• Full gray coverage
• Cruelty-free and vegan
• Long lasting, shiny hair color
• Nourishing organic ingredients
• Respects hair’s pH and structural integrity

Select OWAY Organic Colors

Chestnut Hair Color Formula Chestnut is a favorite among women because it suits a wide variety of skin tones. This rich shade not only gives off a warm, glowing vibe, it’s also very easy to maintain and style  Luxe Blonde Hair Color Formula Soft, creamy blondes are pretty, but when they’re given more dimension, they are absolutely stunning. And this is something we are really good at!

Havana Blonde Hair Color Formula Want a hair color change but not yet ready for super bold tones? A nice blonde balayage might be the answer. It’s natural-looking and great for growing out hair.

Copper Brown Hair Color Formula Copper Brown is one of those shades that are just timeless. It’s eye-catching but elegant hue that instantly elevate any look, especially if you add depth and dimension to the base color.

Radiant Plum Hair Color Formula Why we love spring: It’s the season to experiment with bolder, more vibrant hair colors. An aesthetically striking hue, this Radiant Plum hair color makes a perfect statement this season.

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