Perfect Blowout

Blowout Perfection!

A List Of Tips To Help You Achieve It


Your Guide To The Perfect Blowout

Like everything in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do anything, and blowouts are no exception. Here’s our list of tips to help you get the most out of your blowouts.

Know your hair weakness
Is your hair frizzy? Flat? Lackluster? Using the proper styling products and tools are a must for a good blowout. We recommend Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream to condition, hydrate and tame frizzy fly-aways to create smooth, healthy looking hair.

Take your time
Pull your hair into sections and dry section one at a time. Taking an extra ten minutes to do this will save you another twenty that you’ll need to fix stray hairs and frizz from blasting the blow dryer all over.

Use a nozzle and aim carefully
The nozzle on the end of a blow-dryer will help direct hot air to a small space, allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your hair at a time. Blow dry with the nozzle facing downward and lead it down each section with a boar bristle brush. Start at the roots to add volume and work your way to the ends. Following the direction of the hair cuticle will add shine and a soft bristle brush will pull hair straight without snagging or breakage.

Get a Magic Sleek smoothing treatment!
If you have thick, heavy, curly, frizzy-prone hair then you need Magic Sleek formaldehyde free hair smoothing and straightening treatment!  This chemical-free system uses many natural ingredients found in the Amazon rain forest and offers smooth, frizz-free, healthy looking results. You can even let your hair air dry to look like it was treated to a blowout. Imagine that! Hair is miraculously more manageable and your drying time is literally cut in half!

Invest in a good quality blow dryer
A powerful dryer will save you time, energy and prevent damage as you’ll spend significantly less time blowing heat over the same sections.

Better yet, take advantage of the professionals at Incentives!
Our salon stylists are experts and can provide you with the perfect blowout – every time. And our specially-priced Blowout Ten Pack makes our blowouts all the more attractive – in every way!

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