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A Review From From One Very Satisfied Customer


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The photos of Lauren Phelps Bernstein (top – Lauren’s shoulder before her first treatment; center – Lauren’s neck and upper chest after two treatments; bottom, a detail of Lauren’s shoulder after two treatments) show in dramatic detail the results she experienced — in just one week!

“I had a fabulous appointment with Kathy,” says Lauren. “I’ve only had two treatments so far. I pre-booked an appointment to have a photo laser treatment on my chest area.
The treatment took approximately 45 minutes. Kathy applied numbing cream to the area. There was no pain at all, and after the treatment was over I had a mild “sunburn” feeling. The skin had a pinkish tone to it. So far, I’ve had two treatments and I see amazing results — my sun damage skin is fading away.
Thank you so much Kathy…I would highly recommend this treatment!

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