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Cor, Janet, And Skin Tyte

The Healthy Alternative To Injectables

Sagging Skin? Wrinkles? Here’s Your Perfect Solution

Skin Tyte treatments at Incentives are your healthy alternatives to more aggressive treatments and injectables. Read what Cor and Janet have to say about their experiences with Skin Tyte.

“I recently had a skin consultation with Kathy Roccogrande, the laser technician at Incentives. I’ve known Kathy for years, and I know that she is a kind and caring professional. But I was nevertheless impressed by her knowledge and understanding of my particular skin issues. She suggested trying the Skin Tyte laser treatment to reduce my facial wrinkles, particularly around my lips, eyes, and neck. The recommended procedure is to have three treatments on the targeted areas 28 days apart, but I already see noticeable improvement after just two treatments. I’m also thrilled that I can get these kind of results without resorting to what I consider unnatural treatments like Botox, never mind anything more invasive! The beauty of laser treatments is that they engage the skin’s natural healing process to improve your appearance. It’s about as organic an approach as you can take to skin repair, and as anyone who knows me knows, that’s very important to me.
If you’re looking for incredible results in skin appearance and absolutely no pain or downtime, I suggest you speak with Kathy about Skin Tyte. You won’t be disappointed.”

Corinne Brown – Founder and owner of Fitness Incentive

“I’ve just had my third Skin Tyte treatment with Kathy Roccogrande. The noticeable difference in my skin is amazing. The Skin Tyte treatment has improved my overall skin texture and smoothness. It has reduced the fine lines and wrinkles around my lips, chin and eye area. It has enhanced the elasticity in my neck and it looks and feels smoother and more taut. It has plumped up my skin creating a more youthful appearance.”
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Janet Lang – Assistant Manger of Incentives Organic Spa & Salon

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