CBD Massage

CBD Massage

CBD Massage

Using a special CBD-infused Massage Oil

CBD Massage

Natural Cannabis-based Emollients

The CBD Massage stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system and penetrates deeply and quickly to increase blood flow to joints and muscles. It can help relieve pain and inflammation within muscles and joints and promote homeostasis within the body utilizing a cannabis-infused massage oil that has been specially formulated for Incentives by Axil Wellness.

• Reduce inflammation
• Speed up recovery times after intense workouts
• Soothe muscles that have been subject to overuse and stress

Containing natural emollients and active analgesic ingredients, the oil is a combination of non-psychoactive, CBD-rich Hemp Oil, organic hemp seed oil, camphor, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic arnica herb, apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil and black pepper essential oil.

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