Cut And Diffuse

The “Just Right” Look For Your Curls

Cut & Diffuse
Calling All Girls With Curls!

Are you blessed with a beautiful head of curls that you struggle to style/control/tame? Are you looking for gorgeous curls with the most flattering pattern, shape, and texture—that elusive “just right” style that can be so challenging to achieve?

Never fear, Cut and Diffuse at Incentives is here!

With Cut and Diffuse, your curl-specific cut (it always starts with the right cut!) from one of our expert professional stylists is followed by a “diffusing” blow out rather than a traditional, structured blow out. Diffusing uses highly effective, professional, curl-specific products and techniques to sculpt, define and bring out the best in your curls. Diffusing cuts dry time, reduces frizz, adds volume, boosts your curl formation, and gives longevity to your style. With Cut and Diffuse, you will leave Incentives Salon with a wonderful, professional curly styling that will last for days.