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Fight Summer Pests Organically

Essential Oils To The Rescue

Essential Oils

It’s Here…And So Are They

Summer is finally upon us, and it’s time to get OUTSIDE! Unfortunately, we humans are not the only creatures that swarm to the outdoors during the summer months!   Everyone knows that insects — mosquitoes, biting flies and ants, fleas and ticks among them — also love the warm summer months. While these pesky little critters can completely ruin a fabulous day outdoors, some of them can be outright dangerous.

Time to fight back – the ORGANIC way!

Many people use commercial bug repellents, sprays, creams, oils, lotions, candles, etc.   Sadly, many commercially purchased insect repellents contain ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful to humans and petsEnter Essential Oils! Not only can you make homemade insect repellents for yourself and your pets, you can also use essential oils for the occasional bite or sting.

Recipes – All Oils Available At Incentives

Check out these Essential Oils recipes to create your own repellent sprays and stay bite-free this summer!


10-15 drops Lavender oil
5-10 drops Lemon or lemongrass oil
5-10 drops Eucalyptus oil
5-10 drops Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree)
6 drops Lime oil

Add to your spray bottle of water or distilled white vinegar or a little of both. Shake well and spray.

Flies (including horseflies) and Gnats

5-10 drops Lavender oil
5-10 drops Peppermint oil
5-10 drops Cedarwood oil

Add to your bottle of water, shake well, and spray.

For your pet: Fleas and Ticks

(Note:  Ticks hate the smell of vinegar…this alone can repel them, they hate most essential oils too!)


Add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle
Add 2 cups distilled white vinegar
Add two spoonfuls of Sweet almond oil or vegetable oil (these contain sulfur, another natural tick repellent)
Add essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, clove, cinnamon, lemongrass

Shake well and spray on your pet’s dry coat.

Please note the measurement amounts are just suggestions, it all depends on the size of your bottle or jar.  Adjust accordingly and be creative.

Dina Voigt
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