More Than An Esthetician

“With Jackie, my procedure was a breeze and time just flew by!”

Jackie Carini

“Actually,” says Jackie Carini when asked how she came to know about Incentives, “I was here before there was an Incentives…when Healthy Alternatives occupied this space. I worked there for a while, then took a hiatus from the industry when I had my twins. So this space was already familiar to me as early as 2000. Once my children were a little older and in school, I returned. I live locally and Incentives just seemed like the right fit. Years later, it remains so—here I still am.”

Opportunity Knocks

When asked if there was an “A-ha!” moment that confirmed her thinking that the beauty industry was the right choice for her, she recalls early experiences with satisfied customers who were curious about what else she might offer. “I was working for Chanel at the time,” she says, “as a resident makeup artist. Clients would approach me after I’d done their makeup for their weddings with questions about what more I could do for them, often about skin care. The internet was booming and I saw a lot of opportunity, particularly with the bridal sector of the business. It had taken off and I was well-positioned to offer all my skin care specialties—helping them both with their skin and their makeup.”

Learning And The Cutting Edge

A desire to learn has always been a fundamental motivator for Jackie. “I began in the industry as an esthetician, and it wasn’t long before I broadened my horizons and branched into PCA chemical peels. Advanced classes for advanced peels followed. I went to school with ProCell Therapies to learn microneedling, which lead to Pro certification for dermaplaning. One thing I’ve always liked about this industry is that there’s continuous innovation and development regarding therapies and new protocols. My education continued with schooling for permanent makeup and Yumi LashLift certification. All these protocols are constantly evolving and I like to stay on the cutting edge.”

A Discerning Eye

One thing that is particularly satisfying for Jackie about what she does is her ability to appraise a client’s goals and anticipate needs. It comes from experience. “I’m a seasoned professional,” she says. “I don’t like to call myself old (who does?) but I’ve been around for a while in this industry. I know skin. I have the education. I’m not just an esthetician. My expertise provides me with the ability to, in a sense, see a ‘bigger picture’ and anticipate what procedures could help and please my clients. I might see someone for a skin treatment and know they’d be thrilled with the results of a brow or lash enhancement treatment. “You know? I’ve been thinking about that!”

On The Horizon

Jackie is constantly on the lookout for innovative new procedures in an industry that’s continually evolving. “One thing I’m looking at and considering adding to my list of services is a procedure that can be described as eyebrow staining. Intended for women who don’t want to take the plunge into permanent makeup, this is a way to see similar results but in a semi-permanent way…to lift and add life to their eyebrows and make them darker and shapelier. Stay tuned!”

The Best Part

It can be challenging to stay with something for so long and retain the original passion, but not for Jackie. “I still love helping my clients feel beautiful,” she says, “and seeing how pleased they are and how what we accomplish makes them feel about themselves. Whether it’s chemical peels and microneedling for fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage; or lashes and brows, there are wonderful treatments to address these problems. The best part about it is when clients look in the mirror and say ‘OMG! I look so good…I’m so happy with my skin…I’m so happy with my brows!’ That’s the best part.”

Jacqueline is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Permanent Cosmetics  Specialist with over 22 years in the skincare and beauty industry.

She is certified in:

  • Dermaplaning
  • Yumi Eyelash lash lift
  • Pro Cell Therapy- micro needling including collagen induction therapy and hair restoration.
  • PCA Skin Peels to treat aging skin, rosacea, melasma, and acne.
  • Permanent Cosmetics including eyebrows, powder and hair simulation, Microblading, eyeliner, lip blushing, scar camouflage, areola, and 3-dimensional nipple micropigmentation following mastectomy.