Now Is The Time For Keratin

As The Warm Weather Approaches…

Get Your Hair Summer-Ready

Spring is the PERFECT time for Keratin smoothing treatments. Incentives offers four different Keratin options, and our staff of expert stylists can recommend the option that best suits your hair and the look you are going for. We have something for everyone, depending on your specific hair type and your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to book your appointment, call 631-893-3490, stop in, or click a button to schedule your appointment online. Otherwise, scroll down to learn more about Keratin at Incentives.

Keratin Complex

Innovative technology binds keratin to the hair, helping prevent humidity from penetrating the hair and thus locking out frizz. In addition, Keratin Complex Color incorporates this signature keratin technology into the hair-coloring process, which helps make the hair stronger and smoother as it undergoes a color transformation. Keratin Complex is designed to make your hair healthier while addressing individual needs and hair-types. – even CURLY hair!  No need to straighten your signature curls – instead bring them under control with Keratin Complex Curly.

Corel Buttons Green Complex

Why Lasio? Simple. The results: healthy, strong, frizz-free hair. Lasio offers long-term results that are activated immediately and require zero downtime, setting it apart from beauty industry giants that insist their results are contingent on their formaldehyde-heavy formulas and 24 hour processing times.

Corel Buttons Green Lasio

Rejuvenol softens and relaxes frizzy and damaged hair, leaving it looking shiny, healthy and manageable. This non-heavy treatment is formulated for an instant light-weight appearance. Rejuvenol softens, smooths, and relaxes the hair while reducing the time of the application.

Corel Buttons Green Rejuvenol
Brazilian Blow Out

World-famous, asked for by name, and loved by stylists, celebrities and influencers worldwide, Brazilian Blowout transforms frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair into smooth, healthy, easy-to-style strands for up to 12 weeks. Brazilian Blow Out actually improves the overall health of the hair and is fully customizable so you can keep curl/wave and eliminate frizz or achieve the sleekest results.

Corel Buttons Green Brazilian