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Give Your Hair New Life…Organically

Incentives is now offering organic shampoos and conditioners by Organic Way, also known as OWAY, for all hair issues and concerns. Now you can experience organic treatments not just in the salon but at home.
“We’re constantly searching for brands with an authentic approach to non-toxic salon products. As soon as we witnessed OWAY’s devotion to clean ingredients and green chemistry, we knew they shared the same mission of changing salons for the better,” says Heidi Manzo, Incentives Salon manager. “All OWAY products share four special ingredients: Biodynamic Marrubium, which reinforces the structure of the skin and hair and boosts natural defenses against UV radiation; Amla, which gives shine to the hair while nourishing and invigorating; ethically produced Marula, providing restorative, protective, and moisturizing properties; and Organic Black Quinoa, which is rich in high-quality vegetable proteins and nourishes and protects the hair fiber. These herbs and plants that are harvested at the peak of ripeness for maximum nutritional value,” she continues. “OWAY is also committed to responsible packaging: glass for all bottles and jars and aluminum for tubes. Amber glass protects and preserves the integrity of the botanical extracts contained in their formulas, shielding them from UV rays and protecting against bacteria. Glass is 100% pure and does not release toxic substances or contain potentially harmful chemical by-products, which are present in other packaging materials. For tubes, aluminum is perfect. Natural, extremely corrosion resistant, 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable. Added bonus: no waste. Aluminum tubes and glass bottles and jars do not come in unneeded boxes.”


Try OWAY’s Microstimulating Hair Bath. This luxurious, nutrient-rich shampoo deeply hydrates and cleanses dry, dehydrated hair with Biodynamic Hazel, Organic Honey, and Macadamia Oil. For people who are prone to thinning and hair loss, it is gentle enough for everyday use. It fortifies roots and reduces hair loss after 3-4 weeks.
Also try Phytoprotein Mist — the frequent use, no-rinse hair tonic for all hair types. It saturates hair structures and provides needed keratin. Entirely plant-based proteins and free of chemicals.


Try the Frequent Use Hair Bath & Hair Conditioner, for people who shampoo daily. Gentle enough for everyday use, it does not strip the scalp of natural oils. Also great for people with extremely thin hair. Active ingredients include lemon and white tea.


OWAY’s Curly Hair Bath & Mask perfectly detangles and defines curls without weighing them down. Great for natural and ethnic curls. Color-safe, with active ingredients that include St. John’s wort and licorice.
Also try Shabby Mud for natural waves and curls, to separate curls and create volume.


OWAY’s Moisturizing Hair Bath & Hair Mask is a hydrating hair bath formulation for very dry, dehydrated hair. Active ingredients include hazel and honey.
Also try Nurturing Drops for restructuring hair from scalp to ends. Nourishes and seals dry, damaged ends, protecting them from heat sources and external agents for a healthy, shiny appearance.

Visit Incentive Salon for a full complimentary hair consultation and discover the products best suited for your hair needs.

OWAY is an Italian-based holistic beauty brand. Their ‘Farm to Chair’ ingredients — grown on their 100% chemical-free farms in Bologna, Italy — deliver exceptional results while being gentle to the hair and the environment!