Repair Your Hair

K18 Peptide Treatments

Permanently Repair Damaged Hair

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“I Can’t Wait For My Next Treatment!”

“Yesterday I received my first K18 treatment from Elizabeth at Incentives organic spa. The process was incredibly quick and relaxing. After the treatment, Elizabeth blew out the front of my hair so I could see the results and I left with the rest of my hair wet. I immediately could see the results. The front of my hair was smooth and felt incredibly silky. When the rest of my hair dried I was amazed by the results. My hair always gets dry in the summer because I spend a lot of time in the sun and water. My hair felt totally renewed and looked INCREDIBLE (if I do say so myself).
😉 I can’t wait for my next treatment!!”


Jourdan Ilardi

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“I have seen damage from many sources…”



“Damaged.” Probably one of the most difficult words to hear when sitting in your stylist’s chair, but unfortunately all too common, describing only too well those dry, lifeless strands. Damage, for many of us, has become an unavoidable part of our hair’s identity.

But what if I told you there was a way to heal damaged hair permanently? Not a band-aid product that will last until the next wash, but a real remedy that would hit that longed-for reset button for your hair.

Introducing K18 Peptide Treatments

K18 is the revolutionary peptide clinically proven to reconnect those broken polypeptides within each individual strand of hair, restoring hair to it’s original strength and elasticity.

With K18, you will see results after just one use. Are you ready to have the best hair of your life? Make an appointment today!

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Damage Can Manifest…

As a stylist, I have seen damage from many sources, including heat tools, too-tight hair ties, harsh brushing, over-processed highlights, do-it-yourself box color, and even sun exposure. Damage can manifest itself in many ways. Among the most common are frizz, quick loss of color, lackluster hair, breakage, dryness, uncooperative curls, and snarls and tangles. Even a lack of noticeable growth can be signs that your hair is compromised.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’ve spent many mornings trying to singe your crowning glory into obedience with your various instruments of heat. Or slathering on product after product that promises to fix the mistakes of the past.


Full And Complete Recovery

What does this mean for you? This means that no matter what you’ve put your hair through in the past, a full and complete recovery is not only possible, but quite easy! And while those with the most severe damage will see the most dramatic change, don’t think that K18 isn’t for everyone. Because it is for EVERYONE!

K18 means that we as stylists can safely achieve your hair color dreams like never before. It can improve the texture of graying hair, tame frizz, and help strengthen hair for longer and stronger growth. When used in tandem with any color service, K18 improves the color or highlight results by evening porosity and preventing fading by sealing down the hair’s cuticle.