Top Three Supplements

Top Three Supplements

As Recommended By Dr. Donna Brown

Helping You Get On Track For A Healthy New Year

Dr. Donna Brown’s Essential Three Supplements


Dr. Donna Brown, an acknowledged expert in the field of nutritional supplementation, has identified three essential supplements to help ensure that 2019 is your year of living healthfully.

  1. Original Medicine Multiprobiotic. “A MUST-have for you and anyone in your life that you care about!” says Dr. Brown. “A good-quality probiotic targets the colon, which is the epicenter of your immune system. Keeping the bacteria in your colon healthy is the key to a strong immune system. Taking these probiotics consistently can build your immune system as well as help to resolve any bloating, constipation, and digestive disturbances that may be plaguing you.
  2. Greens Plus Advanced Multi Superfood. One of Dr. Brown’s favorites. “One of the best ways to start your day, this supplement contains phytonutrients and also is extremely alkalizing, which improves health and boosts metabolism. The single best replacement for your daily multi vitamin.”
  3. Raw Vitamin D3 Vitamin D. Per Dr. Brown, “Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients you can take year round, especially when sun exposure is low. Having adequate stores of vitamin D is an excellent way to boost your immune system. In addition, vitamin D has been associated with reduced incidence of ALL types of cancer.”