Total Hair Detox

Total Hair Detox

The Right Time To Detox Your Hair

The overuse of conventional hair care products made with chemical toxins and low-quality ingredients can cause a build-up in your hair that will damage hair follicles and your scalp. Hot summer weather brings its own unique stressors (sun, chlorine, salt water, and humidity, to name a few) that can amplify these damaging influences, resulting in problems such as:

• Resistance to hair color or lifting with a highlight
• Dry hair
• Breakage
• Dry Scalp
• Oily Scalp

Incentives Organic Spa & Salon’s TOTAL HAIR DETOX is a 4-Step process that deep cleans and conditions the hair by removing the build-up of heavy conditioners and styling products as well as restoring and rebuilding the bonds of your hair back to their natural state.

Healthy, beautiful summer hair is just a call, visit, or click away with Total Hair Detox!

What To Expect:

Step 1 – We will thoroughly wash your hair with an ORGANIC CLARIFYING SHAMPOO to open up the hair shaft and strip away chemical build-up.
Step 2 – We will apply the OLAPLEX BOND BUILDING TREATMENT to repair and restore your hair, healing split ends and preventing further breakage and thinning.
Step 3 – We will seal the hair shaft with a CLEAR GLAZE TONER, resulting in hair that will be extra soft, shiny and full of body. Includes a 5 minute scalp massage finished with a cool water rinse.
Step 4 – Finally, enjoy a professional BLOWOUT where we will incorporate Olaplex incredible finishing serum and cream resulting in a smooth, healthy, lasting blowout.
$125 for this luxurious hour and 15-minute treatment.*
*Note: Long, very thick hair may result in an increase in price — your stylist will discuss this with you.

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